We here at FASE want to work with organizations, local businesses and individuals that are doing great and exciting things to enrich their communities.

We handle everything from production, to fulfillment, to customer support and more. If you or someone you know is part of an organization doing amazing things in their community and looking for a new source of revenue, contact us at

 Below are some of our current partners:

LEO Hearted Cares Inc.

 LEO Hearted Cares Inc.   

LEO Hearted Cares inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase public safety and strengthen ties between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Their vision is to create a culture of mutual understanding through the broadening of prospectives.

Foster Care Unplugged 

Foster Care Unplugged is focused on enriching and developing the lives of youth in foster care and is committed to promoting positive outcomes for disadvantaged children at risk to being placed in the child welfare system.

Unlock Hearts

Unlock Hearts mission is to help young readers build a personal library around their interest. Their book-buying experiences give young readers the opportunity to discover their passions and ultimately have a better opportunity for success.

The CarmenB Show 

Funny, witty, and poised, Carmen B brings great conversation and covers an array of interesting topics. She is a great person inside and out, and also hits you weekly with the perfect blend of "timeless" and "of the times" Hip-Hop hits!