To all my good people,

This post is dedicated to announcing LEO Hearted's first QDR (Quarterly Donation Recipient). 

For the 4th Quarter of 2016, the recipient selected was Sgt. Chris Foti of the NYS Courts. 

Sgt. Foti is a big man with a bigger heart. One of his projects has been a major hit and become a resource for his community. He has orchestrated an annual charity softball tournament for the last 9 years, and for all nine years the money has been poured right back into his community. When contacted about his nomination Sgt. Foti wanted no recognition for his work and generosity, so naturally... 

For not only his service and dedication to the profession of law enforcement but his choice of consistently going above and beyond to empower his community and the people in it...LEO Hearted thanks Sgt. Foti!

From now until 12/31/16, a portion of the total profit above cost from all sales will be donated to Sgt. Foti and the annual softball tournament.

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