F#CK Cancer

I had a very good conversation last night with an officer. We spoke about the profession, current events, possible moves for the future...and of course LEO Hearted. After talking his ear off about the website and its mission, we got on the topic of "Causes". He began to tell me about his cousin that he recently lost to her battle with breast cancer. She was 32 years young, and I could see the difficulty when he would speak of her passing. Yet through this obvious pain, I could see an overabundance of love when he spoke about his memories of her. He asked me if I could do him one favor, if I could just post a music video that she was part of before her passing, on the website. So of course I agreed...I myself have survivors of breast cancer in my family. Not to mention, the VARIOUS other forms of cancer as well. Needless to say, I didn't even have to think twice.

With that being said, we are going to take a break from our normal focus to help spread the word and raise awareness of this horrible disease called Cancer...more specifically, Breast Cancer.

So, to all the survivors and the families of the loved ones lost...LEO Hearted cares about you.


Just an update on this particular conversation and video...The "cousin" (Shannon) that you see in the video, I knew her. We went to the same college. He was mentioning her by her married name, but I always knew her by her maiden name. Dam, I'll say it again F#ck Cancer!

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