Why I walk... (in NAMI Walks)

[From our founder Vincent Sinclair]


Why do I walk in NAMI Walks?

The largest housing facilities for sufferers of mental illness aren't mental health facilities, they are jails.

Every year there are more officers killed by suicide than feloniously in the line of duty.

For the second year in a row, in the United States, suicide ranked the 10th as the leading cause of death...homicide was 16th.

To continue to not talk about mental health is literally killing us.

NAMI Walks

My people,

Just letting you all know LEO Hearted will be participating in the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ (NAMI) annual fundraiser walk again this year. NAMI is one of the leading organizations that provide resources and advocacy for mental illness sufferers and their families in the country. Mental Illness is something that can affect us in many ways, it knows no bounds, sees no color, and no one is immune. Just last year my agency lost four Officers (that I am aware of) to suicide, which a majority of the time is the byproduct of some breakdown in...

Community Event: Prom Impact

This quarter LEO Hearted is acknowledging the work of NYPD Detective Tanya Duhaney from the 113th Precinct. She is our quarterly donation recipient (QDR) and will receive a donation from the first quarter's profits. Unbeknownst at the time of announcing her to be recognized by LEO Hearted, it was recently discovered she is also being recognized by the Guardians Association as “Person of the Year”.
Detective Duhaney is currently running one of her major annual events “Prom Impact”, which is a dress and suit drive. Unfortunately, some of the families in her community may not have the extra income to provide those luxuries...

QDR 2017.1

Hey everyone,

We would love to introduce our donation recipient for the first quarter of 2017. 

Detective Duhaney of the NYPD

Det. Duhaney is a member of the Community Affairs Bureau and assigned to the 113th precinct. She has been a member of NYPD for 16 years and part of Community Affairs for 9 years.

Det. Duhaney is thoroughly immersed in the well fare of her community and consistently thinking of new ways to connect with them. She is always referring to the children in her community as her own and whole heartedly wants nothing but the best for them.


F#CK Cancer

I had a very good conversation last night with an officer. We spoke about the profession, current events, possible moves for the future...and of course LEO Hearted. After talking his ear off about the website and its mission, we got on the topic of "Causes". He began to tell me about his cousin that he recently lost to her battle with breast cancer. She was 32 years young, and I could see the difficulty when he would speak of her passing. Yet through this obvious pain, I could see an overabundance of love when he spoke about his memories of...